Glass Spotto: Lene Lunde, at long last…

Omigod!! Lene sent through some fabulous news and images of work way back in late May for goodness sake, and it all got lost under the pile-up of other happenings vying for attention.  Mea culpa, darlings, for not bringing it sooner.

Especially as we were genuinely excited to receive it at the time (…unfortunately we had all sorts of horror going on at work, which kinda totally hijacked our attention. Hate that.)

Anyhoo, Lene and Rob expecting a bubba mid-July was the real excitement, so at least we’ve finally got everyone on imminent baby watch…waiting….waiting…

Meanwhile her glass group, Dynamo, have been doing fabulous stuff – from Oslo to Berlin and Denmark and Bergen, and it’s still on a roll…

…and then there’s this, entitled Kunt Erik left the farm again his parent’s will to look for mister Right in Berlin…

We are in heaven. Gotta love the Norwegians.

If Lene forgives our slackness, with any luck we’ll be back with huge news soon.

6 thoughts on “Glass Spotto: Lene Lunde, at long last…

      • Hands full, too, but not with toddler – Ginger decided we needed another puppy. All our down time is spent filling in the craters that continually appear in the garden and reviving vandalised plants. Looks like we won’t have a garden to speak of for a couple of years. Sammy’s home at last, so we’re finally tackling all the reno’s and upgrades – and consequently the studio/workshop is slowly inching its way up the priority list.
        Send a snap of Dee Dee, we’d all love to see how she’s blossoming…

  1. Hey Lene.
    Amazing!! I love the angelwings. I’m gonna wish me those wings for my next birthday 🙂 They are georges.

    Keep up the good work.

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