Postcard for Sammy…

15 06 2010

Just in from Nigel

…linked in from artdaily, with a crossover to this


Darlings – far superior art handling practice at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, we can assure you.

(…tick the white gloves and steelcap boot boxes, but we must admit we don’t do the two blokes looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. The Annie Proulx thang has yet to come to Bega.)

Erik at CCAS…

14 06 2010

Erik’s sent through the latest manifestation of his beach boy/Ken series – this time at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, and multiplied into Grand Cannon.

Meanwhile, he had a Bermi sojourn a coupla weeks ago (and dropped into the BVRG during the last week of Gulaga) and took this absolutely cracker snap of our fair coast…


Thanks Erik!

Move over Ikea…

14 06 2010

Here comes Obfunc!!

Postcard from London…

12 06 2010

About three weeks ago we got a postcard from Timmy Horn in London sending us snaps of the latest occupant of the fourth plinth, Yinka Shonibare’s work  Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle.

And he sent a link to the Guardian’s fantastic set of snaps, including…

Just fabulous…and then we got busy and it was lost under a pile of posts-in-waiting. Until today when we checked out Nige’s latest update on his grand Rug Tour of Europe with Tim Bonyhady.

We got ‘specially excited ‘cos Megsie’s got a thing for the Victory – way back in the dim recesses of time she scuttled all over it on a visit to Portsmouth when she was four. Her old man was on a two year exchange with the RN and a family friend was the serving Captain of  HMS Victory at the time (even though it was in dry dock, it used to – and may well still – maintain a ridgy didge Royal Navy captain and crew.) So it was access all areas. Bloody marvellous.

Thanks to both Timmy and Nige – super!!

The Germans are coming…

11 06 2010

More than just cammo in the WWI references we reckon!!

Richard Marquis
Outbreaks of Obfuscation

June 1 – July 24, 2010

Join us for the opening reception:
Wednesday, June 2 – 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Visit us at the gallery:
Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, and by special appointment
Open late on First Thursdays:
June 3, open until 8:00
July 1, open until 8:00 pm

I’ve always strived for multiple layers of complexity in my work. The disguise of intent keeps people guessing. This show has references to WWI ship camouflage as well as other convolutions. ” – Richard Marquis

In dog years Richard Marquis has been working in glass for over three centuries. In that time he’s worn out four dogs and is working on his fifth. Also in that time he’s created a weird and varied body of work, a portion of which is in important public and private collections. Eschewing publicity, he works quietly and haphazardly in his shop somewhere in the Northwest.  

[NB the show is on at the Bullseye Gallery, Portland , Oregon. So if you’re Oz-side, don’t get too antsy about missing the opening. n(Ed)]

Given that Dick and Klaus are about to share gallery space in Sante Fe, there’s gunna be some heavy duty visual dialogue blasting across them thar bows. How amazement. When we first saw the image without captions we thought the Klaus Meister had taken off on some weird tangent. But no, it was Dick being…provocative?

Maybe collectors can buy a boxed set. (Heh, heh, heh.)

Alex Asch: double whammy…

11 06 2010

 Just in from Jas…

Alex Asch

Deconstructing the Bull’s Head

now showing

jas hugonnet galley


Image: Deconstructing the Bull’s Head 3, Mixed media series 2008-2010, 16 x 5.5 x 2cm

Inspired by Picasso’s 1943 Bull’s Head, Asch presents a series of wall works based on simplicity in assemblage. Asch works with abstraction with added narrative brought about through his use of historical objects, leading to a three dimensional graphic representation that is suggestive of the past and the future. The clarity in the connection of parts is the secret to their success as is symmetrical balance and the hint of cryptic animality.


Oooer: we love that cryptic animality, Jas. Yes please!! 

And for all you Alex Asch fans out there, your cup runneth over – he’s also in a brilliant show opening at CMAG next week, Something in the Air: Collage and Assemblage in Canberra Regional Art. Go here to check it out. Can’t wait, it’s going to be an absolute cracker of a show.


8 06 2010

Just in from the ever adorable Bella Cooke (nee Wells!!)…

Our Bella’s gone certifiably batty in her latest manifestation:

 The Department of Sport and Recreation.

Check out all the current action here .

And if you happen to be in Melbourne, she’s still has an exhibition match on at the Elwood General Store.

We loves ya Bells!! Catch ya soon we hope…

Warning: glass hazard ahead…

8 06 2010

The following comment was sent to our ABOUT page and of course most of our readers probably just stick to the main drag and never poke about in the outer labyrinth of the blog – so we’ve decided to drop it in, for your general delectation…



Sergio Redegalli (11:38:46) : edit

[Please note that the following comment has been edited by gcc, having been deemed defamatory. While we defend Sergio Redegalli’s right to an opinion, we can’t in conscience publish his unsubstantiated allegations (of which we have no knowledge whatsoever). BTW, the xxx‘s do not represent profanities(!) n(Ed)]

Now that the xxx of xxx is finally complete the xxx about xxx even being allowed to be part of the xxx needs to be discussed. Apart from the issue that the xxx would be better suited to an expo of the 70′s using plastics.

The use of the glass is far from exciting being the most basic that could be produced and Toughened because of xxx’s xxx architectural glass development and that the only company that would bend and toughen the glass had very strict limitation on textural patterns. One of the main Sydney glass benders would xxx xxx xxx xxx due to passed (sic) xxx xxx to them by xxx and xxx xxx of the repeatedly xxx xxx glass.

If the powers that should have been supervising the tender process bothered to truely (sic) do some research into xxx’s past they would have found numerous times that xxx had gone into xxx xxx, xxx has many cover stories about his passed (sic) xxx, however anyone interested in knowing the truth can contact me and I will be very happy to either show you or direct you to the true history.

Apart from the fact that xxx was never and should never have been xxx to apply for this so called xxx work, the xxx reality is that the end product is no where near ground breaking in its final result. The xxx is xxx in keeping with Australian Standards, being only a single monolithic panel that has been tempered with no full edge support. I would not like to be around the day the xxx start xxx and xxx to the xxx.

To be very xxx about the issue of xxx’s past xxx xxx,xxx xxx xxx and xxx xxx xxx xxx the xxx xxx of the xxx xxx xxx were xxx fully aware of xxx’s past.

Sergio Redegalli

[PS: If readers wish to public such material raw, they ought to run their own blog and cop the consequences. n(Ed)]

Bega or bust…

8 06 2010

(above) Merimbula artist Sue-Ellen Yates delivers her piece to the Regional Gallery (where it is destined to enhance the foyer!)

Bust out Merimbula came to Bega this week with a mini-exhibition of the many delights in store when the Merimbula Special Events Committee hold their breast cancer research fundraiser at Twyford Hall next month (Thursday July 1st.)

Twenty local artists and some 70 members of the public have given pre-fabbed torsos a creative make-over – all to be auctioned at a gala cocktail evening. Very cute idea for a very important cause.

Several of the ‘busts’  now grace the foyer vitrines at the Regional Gallery, as a promotional lead-up to what clearly promises to be a truly titillating event.

Hot off the press…

7 06 2010




Date: June 7, 2010   Anna Glover

An imposing portrait of writer, sinologist and literary critic Pierre Ryckmans, by Blue Mountains artist Mathew Lynn, has won the 2010 Shirley Hannan National Award for Portraiture.

Sydney Morning Herald art critic, author and lecturer John McDonald, who judged the award, announced the winner of the $30,000 prize at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery on Friday night.

He described the painting as “very strong, very confronting – staring straight at you with a good long stare from those blue eyes”.

Second Prize of $2,500 went to Dagmar Cyrulla for her “Life, Death and the Studio” which Mr McDonald described as “lose and subtly clever: it even has a skull and in art skulls are the new black”.

Mr McDonald also made special mention of Margaret Hadfield’s “Welcome to Country” portrait of Matilda House, “a magnificent picture”; local artist Richard Maude’s “The Love of Beauty (Jane Olsen No 1)” – “a warm and intimate painting” Paul Miller’s “Natasha” – “a wonderful representation”; and Marcus Callum’s “Claudia” – “a subtle portrait”.

Mr McDonald said the Shirley Hannan was a “really strong show and the quality of the work is high” and compared it favourably with the Archibald Prize which, he said, had become a farce.

“I go in there each year with diminished expectations and I am still disappointed. Then I go to the salon de refuses and I am disappointed all over again,” he said.

He said the rules and regulations of the Shirley Hannan, with their emphasis on realism and accurate depiction, were a help rather than a hindrance.

“Without rules and regulations things can get vague and awkward and you never know what is going on,” he said.

He said he had heard that Bega was about to undergo an explosion of development and urged that the community “don’t forget the arts” and include a “fabulous new gallery” in the transformation of the town centre.

In opening the exhibition, Mayor Tony Allen paid tribute to Shirley Hannan’s husband, Brian Settle, and Hannan family for their generosity in sponsoring the award.

“The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award contributes greatly to the standing of the Bega Valley Regional Gallery and to the Shire generally as a place of importance when it comes to the arts,” he said.

Mr Settle said he was handing over that role of trustee of the award to Mrs Hannan’s son, Peter Hannan.

“He has assured me that the Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award will continue to be a feature of the national and local artistic calendar for some time to come,” he said.

The exhibition will continue until July 3 in the Bega Valley Regional Gallery.