Glass Spotto…

21 06 2010

…one of Wendy Fairclough’s recent installations.


Chandelier files…

17 06 2010

Chandelier in the Mandalay Pagoda.

Ay carumba, Chicken Little – the sky’s falling in…

15 06 2010

‘Ullo, ‘ullo, ‘ullo…



Just as Sergio predicted.

Follow the dots, people, to the xxx spot.

Postcard for Sammy…

15 06 2010

Just in from Nigel

…linked in from artdaily, with a crossover to this


Darlings – far superior art handling practice at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, we can assure you.

(…tick the white gloves and steelcap boot boxes, but we must admit we don’t do the two blokes looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. The Annie Proulx thang has yet to come to Bega.)

Erik at CCAS…

14 06 2010

Erik’s sent through the latest manifestation of his beach boy/Ken series – this time at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, and multiplied into Grand Cannon.

Meanwhile, he had a Bermi sojourn a coupla weeks ago (and dropped into the BVRG during the last week of Gulaga) and took this absolutely cracker snap of our fair coast…


Thanks Erik!

Move over Ikea…

14 06 2010

Here comes Obfunc!!

Postcard from London…

12 06 2010

About three weeks ago we got a postcard from Timmy Horn in London sending us snaps of the latest occupant of the fourth plinth, Yinka Shonibare’s work  Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle.

And he sent a link to the Guardian’s fantastic set of snaps, including…

Just fabulous…and then we got busy and it was lost under a pile of posts-in-waiting. Until today when we checked out Nige’s latest update on his grand Rug Tour of Europe with Tim Bonyhady.

We got ‘specially excited ‘cos Megsie’s got a thing for the Victory – way back in the dim recesses of time she scuttled all over it on a visit to Portsmouth when she was four. Her old man was on a two year exchange with the RN and a family friend was the serving Captain of  HMS Victory at the time (even though it was in dry dock, it used to – and may well still – maintain a ridgy didge Royal Navy captain and crew.) So it was access all areas. Bloody marvellous.

Thanks to both Timmy and Nige – super!!