Gala evening for FSCLAPscholarship…

The Gang had a big night out with Brigitte, John and Sansy at the grand cocktail part-ay and art auction for the Far South Coast Living Artist Project mob, held in Bermagui the weekend before last. It was our maiden outing to the affair and we were a tad surprised at how overwhelmingly local it was. (We’d expected to see the odd deep pocketed out-of-towner, but perhaps the GFC’s put the brakes on that.)

Anyhoo, the lighting was dreadful (note to selves, dress down in future), the food was great (good on yooz, Shazza, Anna and Lois – top job) and, thanks to good company, we enjoyed an entertaining evening.

And ended up with some booty and all – a Craig Cameron painting…

Noice.  And a super cool cup and jug set by Margaret Brown (on its way to Burma as we speak.) Bonus.

We were staying the night at Wapengo where, it goes without saying, we had lots more aprés fun besides…

Snaps of all the beautiful peeps at the FSCLAP’s do here.

Link to the FSCLAP website here.

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