Cultcha catch-up…

Darlings!! We’ve been stuck in relentless social butterfly mode for a fortnight; so much to see, so much to do, no time to stop and post. We’ll do our darndest to roll it out in some sort of semblance of order…

We’ve lots to bring from the Shirley Hannan, but have decided to tie it together in a neat monthly bow; as in all the highlights, some of which are still to come (winner Mathew Lynn will be giving a floortalk next week, and a plethora of other goodies besides…)

So we’ll start with Bob Georgeson’s show at Ivy Hill Gallery, which followed hard on the heels of the Shirley Hannan opening.

Great gig, we love Bob’s work. It appeals enormously to our natural sense of religious anarchy. As in, take that George Pell.

…yeah baby, and so much more besides…

It’s a jolly good smutty romp’n’giggle, backed up with pl-enty of serious intellectual rigour (which always works for us, let’s face it.)

More than just another cheap chapter in churchy ch-enanigans, this work is beautifully realised and worrisomely credible.

[From the POV of the cult of the catechism, Bob’s doomed for purgatory for sure and for certain…but we’ll all be along for the party, yessir. n(Ed)]

Meanwhile, pics of many happily compliant sinners here.

Get in quick, on until the 28th June.

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