Postcard from London…

About three weeks ago we got a postcard from Timmy Horn in London sending us snaps of the latest occupant of the fourth plinth, Yinka Shonibare’s work  Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle.

And he sent a link to the Guardian’s fantastic set of snaps, including…

Just fabulous…and then we got busy and it was lost under a pile of posts-in-waiting. Until today when we checked out Nige’s latest update on his grand Rug Tour of Europe with Tim Bonyhady.

We got ‘specially excited ‘cos Megsie’s got a thing for the Victory – way back in the dim recesses of time she scuttled all over it on a visit to Portsmouth when she was four. Her old man was on a two year exchange with the RN and a family friend was the serving Captain of  HMS Victory at the time (even though it was in dry dock, it used to – and may well still – maintain a ridgy didge Royal Navy captain and crew.) So it was access all areas. Bloody marvellous.

Thanks to both Timmy and Nige – super!!

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