Alex Asch: double whammy…

 Just in from Jas…

Alex Asch

Deconstructing the Bull’s Head

now showing

jas hugonnet galley


Image: Deconstructing the Bull’s Head 3, Mixed media series 2008-2010, 16 x 5.5 x 2cm

Inspired by Picasso’s 1943 Bull’s Head, Asch presents a series of wall works based on simplicity in assemblage. Asch works with abstraction with added narrative brought about through his use of historical objects, leading to a three dimensional graphic representation that is suggestive of the past and the future. The clarity in the connection of parts is the secret to their success as is symmetrical balance and the hint of cryptic animality.


Oooer: we love that cryptic animality, Jas. Yes please!! 

And for all you Alex Asch fans out there, your cup runneth over – he’s also in a brilliant show opening at CMAG next week, Something in the Air: Collage and Assemblage in Canberra Regional Art. Go here to check it out. Can’t wait, it’s going to be an absolute cracker of a show.

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