Warning: glass hazard ahead…

The following comment was sent to our ABOUT page and of course most of our readers probably just stick to the main drag and never poke about in the outer labyrinth of the blog – so we’ve decided to drop it in, for your general delectation…



Sergio Redegalli (11:38:46) : edit

[Please note that the following comment has been edited by gcc, having been deemed defamatory. While we defend Sergio Redegalli’s right to an opinion, we can’t in conscience publish his unsubstantiated allegations (of which we have no knowledge whatsoever). BTW, the xxx‘s do not represent profanities(!) n(Ed)]

Now that the xxx of xxx is finally complete the xxx about xxx even being allowed to be part of the xxx needs to be discussed. Apart from the issue that the xxx would be better suited to an expo of the 70′s using plastics.

The use of the glass is far from exciting being the most basic that could be produced and Toughened because of xxx’s xxx architectural glass development and that the only company that would bend and toughen the glass had very strict limitation on textural patterns. One of the main Sydney glass benders would xxx xxx xxx xxx due to passed (sic) xxx xxx to them by xxx and xxx xxx of the repeatedly xxx xxx glass.

If the powers that should have been supervising the tender process bothered to truely (sic) do some research into xxx’s past they would have found numerous times that xxx had gone into xxx xxx, xxx has many cover stories about his passed (sic) xxx, however anyone interested in knowing the truth can contact me and I will be very happy to either show you or direct you to the true history.

Apart from the fact that xxx was never and should never have been xxx to apply for this so called xxx work, the xxx reality is that the end product is no where near ground breaking in its final result. The xxx is xxx in keeping with Australian Standards, being only a single monolithic panel that has been tempered with no full edge support. I would not like to be around the day the xxx start xxx and xxx to the xxx.

To be very xxx about the issue of xxx’s past xxx xxx,xxx xxx xxx and xxx xxx xxx xxx the xxx xxx of the xxx xxx xxx were xxx fully aware of xxx’s past.

Sergio Redegalli

[PS: If readers wish to public such material raw, they ought to run their own blog and cop the consequences. n(Ed)]

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