The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award 2010…

And the winner is…

New South Wales’s artist Mathew Lynn snaffled the $30,000 first prize with his portrait of (sinologist, writer and man of prodigious cultural sensibility) Pierre Ryckmans.

The second prize went to…

Victorian artist Dagmar Cyrulla for her charmingly (and deceptively) ‘loose’ self portrait, Life Death and the Studio. Dagmar picked up $2,500 for the bridemaid’s nightie (but there are moves afoot to increase the second prize in the 2012 round.)

It’s been a huge weekend and we managed to leave our camera at one of the associated events, so snaps of the social whirl will have to wait until later in the week.

Meanwhile suffice to say that the opening was, as ever, very well attended; Mayor Tony Allen, Shirley Hannan Trustee  Brian Settle, and  this year’s  judge John McDonald all gave very entertaining speeches, and a great night and following day (the traditional Artists’ Brunch) was had by all.

For a squizz at the webpage with the 34 finalists (selected down from 161 entries), go here.

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