Glasscentralcanberra turns three!!

27 05 2010

Hey dudes, it’s happy birthday to the bloggo today and we’re marking the occasion with a couple of treats sent through by Nige…

This first one’s from artdaily – and what a sweet l’il greeting card it is!

And then this next number’s from Max…

What a ripper.

Here at the hideout we feel especially blessed, and we’re looking forward to another year on the bleachers.



5 responses

28 05 2010
Jas Hugonnet

Happy Birthday Megs
keep the insights coming
Canberra’s loss
South Coast gain-Jas

29 05 2010

Thanks Jas – we appreciate the appreciation. n(Ed)

29 05 2010

Yeah – happy belated Birthday to you and GCC! Hope camping was grand! love J

31 05 2010

Hey Meggs
Have you been washed away? – sounds like the coast has been getting hammered…
Congrats on the 3rd anniversary x BT

31 05 2010

Omigod you guys, you won’t believe how wild and wooly. Specially ‘cos we were camping at Penders. Mother Nature put on one hell of a show; pounding seas, howling (120kph) winds, falling trees, rain, rain rain, yadda, yadda. But, you know, the barn is so solid and well appointed that the camping experience was cosy and dry and seemingly safe compared to coming back home to a waterlogged, blacked-out Wyndham. Mind you, we needed a chainsaw to get out (luckily Arty had one!). Anyhoo, the good news is the power finally came back on here this arvo, so sanity is restored. n(Ed)

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