Serious excitements from Wagga Wagga…

Maybe about two years ago (time’s become such a blur now) the Gang went to Wagga Wagga, primarily to check out Chick’s show from memory but we caught the added bonus of the first Crossfire exhibition – a wonderful visual dialogue between the Wagga Art Gallery ‘s foundation collections of glass and print. 

Trés exciting show, for so many reasons.

Anyhoo, Crossfire Mark II is now up and running, and it looks fabulous. Thanks to Mikey Scarrone for sending through the good oil…

Crossfire 2 – Print and Glass

Crossfire is back by popular demand! Crossfire 2 is the second exhibition which highlights a multitude of connections between the mediums of print and glass from the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s two collections – National Art Glass Collection and the Margaret Carnegie Print Collection.

The exhibition looks at the Collections in cross-disciplinary and innovative ways, breaking down the barriers between media and incorporating creative methodologies.  The exhibition features a number of recent acquisitions of prints and glass as well as some rarely seen works from the Collections.

Crossfire 2 includes artists who have creatively responded to works by other artists, processes such as etching and engraving which are used in both media and pairings of prints and glass that have thematic and conceptual resonances. Crossfire also highlights many of the most prominent artists in the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery‘s two collections including John Olsen and Nick Wirdnam, Hossein Valamanesh and Gerry King and George Baldessin and Nick Mount.

Curators –  Cath Bowdler, Michael Scarrone and Stephen Payne

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, 24 April – Sunday, 31 May, 2010

Check out the snaps – we can feel a day trip coming on…

Way interesting looking show…probably not hard to figure out our all time fave ‘coupling’…!!

Sorry about the lack of credits, folks – didn’t come with the teaser. You’re gunna have to visit to get the full story.

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