The cultural carousel…

The Gang did a quick whip around the cultural offerings over the weekend, but kept it necessarily brief (had to dash home to cook Pa his supper – it was the 32nd wedding anniversary, after all…)

Friday kicked off with Spiral Gallery (a bric-a-brac/collectibles kinda show) at 5pm…

 …followed by Gulaga at the BVRG (an exhibition featuring the work of seven local artists responding to Gulaga Mountain) from 6…

Gulaga, firmly anchored by Karen Charlebois’ steel sculpture (a curatorial rescue device if ever there was one! god bless you Karen),  just manages to avoid being entirely predictable. Gordon Robinson’s fabulous Gulaga Suite took out the Gang’s pick of the pops. We’ll bring you a virtual gallery tour later in the week.

And then on Saturday arvo we dashed across to Tanja/Wapengo, for a slice of Matt Jones and Richard Raffan…

…the former above…the latter below…

Loved the work of both. Fresh, cute, quirky – yadda, yadda. It’s the first time Matt’s ventured into watercolour, he tells us, and what a wonderfully successful doodly detour it’s turned out to be. Seriously sweet. 

As for Richard Raffan’s show, those boats are totally irresistable.

[…along the lines of a sophisticated Slim, Nige. n(Ed)]

All in all it was a daisy-chain of somewhat varied fare, as you can no doubt appreciate. 

More snaps here.

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