Wish list: Glass Delusions…


‘The Glass Delusion’ was the name given in the late Middle Ages and Baroque times to a form of depression. Sufferers were obsessive, compulsive, driven by irrational fears, and imagined themselves to be made of glass, hence brittle and fragile…Victims allegedly travelled padded in straw and refused to sit down fearing their body weight would fracture their buttocks.’

Can you not relate? Glass Delusions is an upcoming exhibition at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland. Sounds rather intriguing…and open to all sorts of potential, convoluted  developments. We wouldn’t mind having a play with the concept ourselves, though with a rather more tongue in cheek-butt, antipodean twist.

Meanwhile, we rather like Alan Bennet’s bottle – mainly, of course, because it reminds us (notwithstanding that it’s a more sophisticated version) of the Roman uroscopy flasks (aka pisspots) that Wendos used to blow for us as a demo back in first year…

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