This month’s excitement at the BVRG…

Darlings! It’s been all systems go at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery with Three Sydney Artists: Let Loose in the Landscape.


Featuring the work of Ann Thomson, Euan Macleod and Idris Murphy, it was a contemporary painter’s quasi abstract wet-dream (by all credible accounts.)

[Nothing like a departure from the chocolate box to send a swoon through the daubing cognescenti, eh? n(Ed)]

Anyhoo, it was a damn fine show – augmented by an Artist’s Soiree…

…and a fabulous Artist Camp out at Penders for the lucky 15 participants who scrambled to the phone and signed up immediately the weekend event was announced (as for the waiting list, we gave up counting once it got over 50!)

Highlight of the evening was Patrick’s fabulous solo performance of Paella…


and then Day 2 delivered more of the same…

A great time was had by all – even the chief cook and bottle washer.

Special thanks to Marr Grounds for arranging such perfectly splendid weather.

More snaps here, and more to come (in time…)

One thought on “This month’s excitement at the BVRG…

  1. Stumbled on this & enjoyed the trek alongside of these talented individuals via Artists Profile Magazine best issue yet! Great to see some more shots to enhance the journey 😉

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