Call home ET………

The Gang’s been off the radar big time for a week – we had to do a dash to Melbs to spend some time with Sammy Jo before she took off for Burma. All trés excitement/very last minute/out of the blue – so we didn’t do anything even faintly arty; it was entirely SJ focused, ‘cos goodness knows when we’ll see her again.

Anyhoo, between the rounds of innoculations and shopping (for pragmatic essentials, yadda yadda) we did manage a snap of our fave elevator in Melbourne, at the old Athenaeum Club…

Too, too gorgey for words…

Mind you, it’s a wing and a prayer jobbie. Granny got stuck once.

Bon Voyage and lotsa love, Sammy Jo….

…the next time we see you, with any luck, it will be up the Irrawaddy.

2 thoughts on “Call home ET………

  1. this melb elevator looks to me like an chair for confession.
    where is the priest?
    and is there something like a “high elevator club” along with it?

    • Oh no, Klausie, no mile-high elevator business going on here! The Athenaeum Club is Melbourne’s oldest cultural institution, founded in 1839. It’s very old school – though it’s always moved with the times and houses the Comedy Club and all sorts of other stuff.

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