Chicken before the egg…

This post is for La Groppa.

Just as Easter advances, the Gang enjoyed the most glorious prelude – Big Sammy sent us up to Moruya last weekend to pick up Beatrice…

Ain’t she adorable!!

Pa and the Gang dutifully motored up to take possession, and then putt-putted back via Bermi for fush’n’chups…

…and stopped for a swim with Brigitta at Kianinny Bay (sorry, no snaps of girlies in speedos – we’ll leave all that to silly Tony-put-it-away-Abbott)…

…before the final dash to Wyndham…

We love her big time already. And, oh, how happy we are that she’s gunna end her days fanging around Flinders! Truly, there is a god.

5 thoughts on “Chicken before the egg…

    • Me too honk xxx I’ve got a Black Citroen DS Godess Mattel toy car on the mantel piece – I think the godess was voted the number one design icon of the 20th Century.
      Good Friday here – Jesus got nailed – and not in a good way – ahh the Catholic brainwashing – why does it still feel so good to do small bad things?
      x Blanche

  1. Hey Darls

    nah. I’m not sooo crazy about the Goddess – looks too much like a frog to me. It is Brigitte’s chariot of choice, however. I’m more into these daggy little 2CV’s – makes me smile whenever I see one.
    Have let the bunny off the hook this Easter and given the Easter Bonnet palaver a spell – it’s Minnie’s birthday on Sunday, so we’ve scaled down to a family lunch with her visiting Latvian in-laws. We’re going inclusively multicultural; brandy orange pate, classic Aussie prawn action, Yankee ribs, osso bucco, greek lamb, Pa’s favourite baked Easter cheesecake, and more chocolate bumff than you can poke a stick at. Totally trad and conventional, I know. Ah, well.
    As for Good Friday, already people have phoned today and started their conversation with ‘Happy Easter’…er, no, not yet, dudes. Today’s the heavy vibe day. n(Ed)

  2. Blanche – what a good idea. Maybe I can live vicariously in the meantime, through a toy version too. Silver and gray… Will have a look online. Much easier keep in good repair, and clean too.

    n(Ed)ster – I’ve always thought the Goddess more ‘roach than frog (was nearly run over by one in my formative years…maybe that’s partly the fascination, though I just think it’s the most stylish vehicle on the planet, one worthy of a road trip across Europe…hey Blanche!). But Little Red Riding Hood 2CV is definitely a sweetheart, and one of these days when we get down there to see you, wouldn’t mind motoring out for some fish and chips too . Bon Fete! Bon Chocolat!

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