Romancing Lake George…

Jas sent these through last week, but being otherwise occupied with a gallery change-over, we’ve simply not had time to post before now. It is, of course,  the good oil on the Weereewa Sculpture Prize 2010. Above is Jas’s own submission [very lovely and lyrical. n(Ed)]… and here’s the general wrap-up…




Under the title Winds of Change, the Weereewa Sculpture Prize 2010 opened yesterday.

It was coordinated by Mike Macgregor, judged by Wendy Teakel, Head of Scupture ANU, and sponsored by Infigen.

Third Prize of $1000 went to Tracy Luff,  Carbon Lock Up (Three Black Forms, pallet timber, steel rod)…




Second and First Prize was combined ($5000 and shared between Andy Townsend and Suzi Bleach for Adrift (Steel Horse, salvaged objects and flags)…





…and Dave Argaet’s Sands of Time (Sinking house/shed; brick, iron and timber)





Highly Commended: Mike Macgregor and Thomas Westra.

Other Artists in the show: Ali Aedy, Murray Ambler, Alex Asch,Ham Dorrach, Stephen Deronne, Paul Dimmer, Kath Fries, Jeffrey Firth, Stephen Harrison, Jas Hugonnet , Adam Humphreys, Ken Hutchinson, Ionas Kaltenbach, Sally Kiddal, David Maclaren, Sebastien Meijbaum, Richard Moffatt, Chris Polglase, John Ramsey, Britta Stenmanns, Nick Stranks, Daniel Velnaar and Travis Williams.


Show runs at the end of Lake Rd Bungendore until 29 March 2010

Bring your own water! It gets thirsty out there


 Cheers Jas


Thanks Jas, much appreciated.


We noticed with interest that a number of works had migrated inland from Sculpture On the Edge at Bermagui…(!)


More snaps here and here.

Apologies for lack of titles/artists info. We added those we recognised.

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