To the ‘Berra and back, don’t spare the horses…

Last week the Gang did a lightning raid on the Canberra culture scene – GAD and ANU School of Art grad program ** to be more precise – there to briefly mingle with old confrères…but most specifically to catch Nicki Dickson’s grand (PhD) finale.

First port of call was the Gallery of Australian Design, where Jas Hugonnet is clearly in his element; architecture, design, the minimalist aesthetic…and a veritable spit from the edge of Lake Burley Griffin – could there possibly be a more perfectly suited workplace for him! Fits like a glove, we tells ya. Happy happy joy joy. Anyway, it was a very swish ambassadorial affair (the show was being opened by the Mexican ambo, and the dippos were out in droves) – so Jas’s clientel is clearly all class, too.

Very hip show – Glenn Murcutt’s our fave Aussie architect and Barragán, who, we discovered, had a serious thing for pink…

…gotta love that.

Then we skipped across the lake to Nicki’s opening…and serious apologies to the artist – we didn’t manage a decent snap of her, so you’ll have to just make do with the work…

…which is just fabulous…

Exhibition ends Friday 26th March, so you’d better get your skates on if you want to see it in the flesh.

Snaps of all the beautiful peeps here.

** please note, you need Adobe Reader to open this pdf document.

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