Highway art…

Spotted at Nimmitabel…

We have no idea how long it’s been there (we’ve not done a daytime run to the ‘Berra for a while…) and on closer inspection there was no plaque regarding the work, artist, whatsitallaboutalfie. Perhaps it’s the result of the community project-stimulus package doled out to regional councils by the Feds last year.

At least it’s more appropriate than that silly elephant at the bakery.

2 thoughts on “Highway art…

  1. ohhhhhhh you did go to the opening? damnit! i texted ya to see but decided to just stay at work (gw) for the powerhouse show when i didnt hear… next time!!

  2. Bummer dude. Didn’t see the text – battery on the mob died as soon as I hit the big smoke – useless bloody thing. n(Ed)

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