Week in review: Tanja Riese, Yoof and Philip Cox’s…

15 03 2010

A quickie round of last week’s events…

There’s been so much on in the last month that we’ve not had a moment spare to post the Tanja Riese (winner of the FSCLAP scholarship 2009) exhibition, Journey of Arrival, currently showing at the BVRG. Actually, the crowd at the opening was packed like pilchards – and we were so busy running the bar that we had no time whatsoever to get any snaps off. Last week, however, was Tanja’s Art Café floor talk and proceedings were far more gently paced…

Plenty of interest had obviously been stirred by the Artscape piece on the ABC, and response to the show has no doubt been very gratifying for Tanja. And what a relief, one imagines, to have that 16-odd months of pressure behind her. Time for some well-deserved R&R, wethinks.

On Friday evening Spiral Gallery kicked off the upcoming Youth Season with their annual Youth Show (participating artists pictured below…)

And on Saturday the Gang and Brigitte went for a sticky beak at Sculpture on the Edge’s open day at Philip Cox’s coastal retreat, overseen by Jan and Beatle…

A literal stone’s throw from the Murrah River mouth, it’d be hard to take for a weekend get-away…

We found our ideal bedroom(!!)…

                                                              (…just a bed with a wall of wine, perfeck!)

We didn’t get there until late in the day, so it was a fairly whirlwind tour; having met Michael Snape at the Sculpture Symposium the week before it was nice to come across some of his work…

and the highlight, of course, was seeing Beatle Collin’s original waves in situ

All a tad brief, we know – but the Candelo Pool beckons. Ciao, ciao.



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