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11 03 2010

La Groppa sent this through today for a giggle – nothing quite like a mullet, eh!!



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11 03 2010

haha classic stronzo…nice one groppy

11 03 2010

Jeez, that was quick Netster. Haven’t ya got anything better to do!! Where are you, btw? n(Ed)

14 03 2010

no not really…. glass central canberra is my life 🙂
im in queanbeyan…. working away, let us know when you come up! saw the lovely ginge at school last week… so proud

14 03 2010

Yeah, not!!
Actually am thinking of swinging up on Wednesday for Nicki Dickson’s show at the SoA Gallery (she’ll be Dr Nicki thereafter.)
Dear Gingy, eh – I miss her, already. n(Ed)

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