Luna’s opening at gallery bodella…

The Gang beat a track up to gallery bodella (swinging by Wapengo to pick up Brigitte on the way…oh yeah, and a quick stop at the Gelati joint at Bermagui…) on Saturday arvo for the opening of Luna’s show. Well, not hers exactly (it was a group show featuring Loons, Frances Luke and Cecile Galiazzo) but of course, from our point of view, Luna was the focus. Our peeps, as Blanchie would say.

It was all a bit hot and frazzly but plenty of red dots by the looks, which is always heartening. Megsie opened the show, and Les sang a few ditties. And Babs and Jane and Jacqu were there, and Diana and Chris and Mandy…and lots more bods besides. We were a tad bushwhacked, frankly, from weeks on the tear – and must confess to being somewhat less than scintillating company. But we had managed to drag Sammy along, so that made up for it we fancy.

Afterwards we sloped off quietly for fush’n chups at Bermi, followed by a vino or two with the pussies.

Snaps of the faithful here.

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