Tour de Force: the opening…

Last Thursday was the Brisvegas opening of Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass (curated for artisan by Megsie and featuring the über stellar cast of Timothy Horn, Nicholas Folland, Deb Jones, Ian Mowbray, Jacqueline Gropp, Neil Roberts, Tom Moore and Trish Roan.) And the Gang ended up having a seriously fabbo night, thanks particularly to the support of the ever staunch and empathetic faithful.

On hand were The Debster (Leader of the Free Glass World) with the lovely Joe, Margie and Ray, accompanied by Trishie, Blanchie and La Gropp. So we had plenty of flank to watch our collective back (always a plus in unknown territory) and Shellsey, who just happened to be showing in The Crucible at the same time – what glorious synchronicity!! So it was totally happy happy joy joy. Bloody Marvellous.

Anyhoo we started off with drinkies…toddled off to the opening (where the honours were done by none other than Julie Ewington)…and then we hit a cool Spanish joint for tapas and copious cocktails. Noice.

Snaps here.

Lots and lots more g(l)oss to come…

2 thoughts on “Tour de Force: the opening…

  1. Megs,

    Seriously fantastic exhibition. Perfection! Is is going to travel? Please bring it to Melbourne. Was thinking of you yesterday as we hosted Gilbert & George her at the NGV-wish you were here

  2. Omigod Joolz – I love Gilbert and George! Big time. Couldn’t believe they were at the AG of NSW on Sunday – no way I could make it. And we’ve had an install week here at Bega, so couldn’t have dashed to Melbs even if I’d realised they were there next. Serious bummer dude, really really really bad timing. And Acca Dacca, too. Double boo hoo.
    Tour de Force is a ripper show – you’ll love it in the flesh. Grant willing, it’ll tour from September for a coupla years. Don’t know if it’s been picked up by anyone down there yet. Fingers crossed, eh. n(Ed)

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