Glassie Spotto: Omigod! Wendos! In Bega!!…

Darlings!! What can we tells ya – there we were in the Niagra Café, grabbing a quick takeaway cappuccino (double shot) when there was a tap on the shoulder…and there was dearest Wendos!! Out of the blue. Serious excitements – except that we were in the middle of the two day New Black  mentoring workshop, and were about to drive a busload of very cool dudes out to Penders for the second day of the program. So it was a serious bummer, cos we could only spend 5 mins max before we had to roll-’em-out-move-’em-on-rawhide (Megsie was driving the bus, lookout.)

But oh! how wonderful to see her (pictured above with Michael and her main Canadian squeeze, Andrew), if only for a nanosecond.

Come back soon, Wendos!! We loves ya.

2 thoughts on “Glassie Spotto: Omigod! Wendos! In Bega!!…

  1. Such a treat to see that pink ‘do even for a second! Too bad we didn’t make it to the beach with youse. Now back in the freeeeezing north. Enjoy the rest of summer! Love ya Megsie (you’re looking great! xo)

  2. Hey darl, so good to see you – if only we’d been free for the day!! How amazing we managed to bump into each other, though – ordinarily I wouldn’t be in Bega on a Saturday morning. It’s that spooky synchronicity stuff again. Too good. Lotsa love, and hope we catch up properly next time. n(Ed)

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