Glassie Spotto: Omigod! Wendos! In Bega!!…

30 01 2010

Darlings!! What can we tells ya – there we were in the Niagra Café, grabbing a quick takeaway cappuccino (double shot) when there was a tap on the shoulder…and there was dearest Wendos!! Out of the blue. Serious excitements – except that we were in the middle of the two day New Black  mentoring workshop, and were about to drive a busload of very cool dudes out to Penders for the second day of the program. So it was a serious bummer, cos we could only spend 5 mins max before we had to roll-’em-out-move-’em-on-rawhide (Megsie was driving the bus, lookout.)

But oh! how wonderful to see her (pictured above with Michael and her main Canadian squeeze, Andrew), if only for a nanosecond.

Come back soon, Wendos!! We loves ya.



2 responses

5 02 2010

Such a treat to see that pink ‘do even for a second! Too bad we didn’t make it to the beach with youse. Now back in the freeeeezing north. Enjoy the rest of summer! Love ya Megsie (you’re looking great! xo)

5 02 2010

Hey darl, so good to see you – if only we’d been free for the day!! How amazing we managed to bump into each other, though – ordinarily I wouldn’t be in Bega on a Saturday morning. It’s that spooky synchronicity stuff again. Too good. Lotsa love, and hope we catch up properly next time. n(Ed)

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