Upgraded security at the hideout…

Yes, well. We wandered down to the little Wyndham market yesterday for some taties and peaches and came back with…Coco. Too cute for words – there were 11 in the litter and the kelpie-chocolate lab X is fast becoming the town dog by all accounts (everybody’s got one!)

Post script: update on name – we discovered (courtesy of the veterinary nurse) that Coco is the vogue name of the moment, so we’ve had a rethink.

She’s now called Hazel.

11 thoughts on “Coco-liscious…

  1. hah…. shes beautiful! lucky i wasnt there this weekend or i would probably have one too… just when you thought everything was safe from chewing x

  2. Hey Megs
    We have been thinking of getting a puppy – some company for Bella – my dream puppy was kelpie/lab cross
    Sooo cute!!!
    How is Lola coping?
    I’ve been doing heaps of laps – thinking of you swimming at Candelo
    xx Blanche

  3. Hey Blanchie

    Lola’s actually being incredibly patient. Amazing really.
    Been too busy the last coupla days for swimming (pool hours not compatible with long working days.) Getting a bit antsy.


  4. Hi there, i just googled images for a choc lab x kelpie and saw your photo of your gorgeous puppy. that kind of puppy is exactly what we’re looking for, but struggling to find (in vic). is where you got the puppy from a registered breeder or do you have contact details?? any info would be awesome.

    Many thanks,


    • She was one of a litter of eleven – a country village doggie (Wyndham in NSW.) Everyone around town seems to have one, so we’re all now kind of related through the pups!! She’s an incredible dog – unbelievably obedient, with no training whatsoever. And so sweet of nature. n(Ed)

  5. They don’t ‘breed’ them as such, it’s just natural town-slapper doggy biz, shamelessly unplanned. I’ll ask the peeps if they’ve had the mother spayed yet. The local vet may well have read the riot act. Otherwise, lordy knows, it’s sure to happen again, and again, and again….

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