Cultural quickie…

The Gang’s been chained to the desk for the last whatever, sweating over the catalogue essay for Tour de Force, so there’s been no time for blog biz. However we took a brief R&R on Saturday evening and hightailed it over to Wapengo for Artie’s yearly birthday bash, with a serve of culture on the side; the Karen Charlebois exhibition at Ivy Hill.

(above) Karen Charlebois’ new work.

Unfortunately our watch was stuck half way between Eastern Standard and Queensland time and, added to other unforseen delays, we were horribly late and only managed 10 minutes before closing. Bill was thankfully very gracious about our tardiness and cracked open a white regardless, so we did manage a swift round of the room and the few remaining peeps, but the camera work’s correspondingly brief.

Michelle, Bill & Carolyn (above) and Matt (below)…

Great show though, if you’re in the environs.

And then we made a beeline for Artie’s, a mere hop-skip-‘n-jump down the dirt. Got there just in time to catch Nige and Miss Pammy hard at it pumping out margheritas for the hordes…

and catch up with the fam…

Harijs, as usual, had command of the barbie, and was doing a great impression of the butcher from Delicatessen…



…and it was the classic duelling DJ’s scenario from the Piekalns boys…

Anyway, happy birthday Artus – a great night was obviously being had by all. You’ll be pleased to know that the Gang kept ourselves nice and got back to the hide-out well before witching hour.

No other excitements – we’ve got our nose to the grind.

The good news is we have us one serious chef as a house guest at the moment, so we’re in total grand bouffe heaven. Last night Iain made the best gnocchi we’ve had in years (in a bunny and tomato and lemon thyme sauce – oh yeah.)

…and he’s turning Sammy Jo into a credible kitchen hand and all – who’d of thought!!


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