Postcard from Sicily…

9 01 2010

The Poo hanging out in Santa Margharita di Belice, where The Leopard was filmed.



3 responses

9 01 2010
Jas Hugonnet

Megs, has the poo ever been bailed up in customs while on its world wide tour?

10 01 2010
Timothy Horn

Getting leopard poo through customs sounds tricky. But I’m sure Burt Lancaster would be capable of anything…

10 01 2010


it seems carrying ca-ca in your handbag is de rigueur for air travel these days. The Poo’s been through the x-ray in airports across the globe and hasn’t as much as raised an eyebrow. Not one sniff of curiosity, fair dinkum. Pretty weird, eh?
Throughout the movie Burt looked as if he knew full well it was there but was determined to ignore it – as one does, of course, in polite company.

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