Last weekend, four states or bust…

Well, what can we tells ya? It was hardly a stately amble… 

Taking off from the blocks in Bega at post-work five, the Gang made it (just) to Nic Folland’s exhibition at CCAS in the ‘Berra, caught the sparrow’s fart to Melbs to see Ian on the Saturday, swung across to Adelaide on the Sunday for an audience with the Debster (Leader of the Free Glass World) and Tom and Nic (who had also by now returned to Adders), and then finally flew back – via Sydders – to the ‘Berra on the Tuesday where we caught up with the accountant (yeah, yeah, we hadn’t got around to our tax yet) before driving back to god’s-own-country on the eff-ess-coast-a-NSW. Totally relaxing, it was. We must be mad.

But we did manage a few quality moments (and some xmas shopping in the various airport choccy shops.)

Here’s yet another shot of Nic’s installation at CCAS (this time taken by us)…

..and of course we caught up with lots of lovely peeps…

…and even another Grad show, this time at UniSA…

(above) Cherie Redwood, Veil-d (study), pastels and graphite.

For a quick flick around the (random) same, go here.

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