Glass spotto…

Just in from Netster – her amazing score from this year’s ANU glass sale: a vintage Bottari skull cup. Omigod, Stronz, rare as hen’s teeth!

Lucky bugger – we’d have snaffled it ourselves if we’d seen it. Perfeck for a bourbon and coke (…is that still your tipple?)

[PS – lovely Tom Moore in the background, Netty. n(Ed)]

2 thoughts on “Glass spotto…

  1. yeah what a score! i heard there was another one to match and desparatly tried to find it only to hear philly had already nabbed it for anita…
    but im happy… and gin and tonic or tequila and dry these days lovey…anything BUT bourbon and coke xx

  2. Ah, G&T’s and Tequ&Dry’s – a sign of maturity, my schveet.
    Those glasses must’ve been shoved in the back of a cupboard or something – they’ve definitely not been out at the sales I’ve been to in that time. Might have to think about doing another production line (hire your butt as gaffer!!) – let’s toss it around when you get down. n(Ed)

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