Out of the Box, the third…

Thought we’d drop in the winner and the handful of pieces that particularly caught our fancy…

Grand Prix: Madeleine Meyer, All the People, clay (a mad tumble of funerary doll-like figures)

Kim Falkenmire, Crater Rim, pencil on Chinese rice paper. Topically cool.

Kimberly Dodd, Jonah’s Whale, wire, found objects. Skanky sweet.

Victoria Kerridge, Looking Back, acrylic on canvass (aka ‘wot Mona saw’)

Ulan Murray, Germ, copper, stainless steel (dubbed ‘alien gonad’ by the judge!)

…and that’s not all, of course; thumbs up also went to Craig Cameron’s video piece, Penny Amberg’s Room with a view, and special mention must be made of Rita Roberts’ exquisite lace and woven treasures…

The snap, of course, hardly does the work justice – but we’re talking 400 odd hours in the lace making alone, without the hand-weaving and those gorgey little balls. Serious respect, Rita.

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