Last hurrah at Bega…

Final show for the year at Bega was Out of the Box III; an unselected, totally random, no holds barred, anything goes (as long as it arrives in a small AusPost gift pack) kinda show – which the locals enjoy tremendously.

It was opened and judged by Phil Moriarty, who kept the crowd entertained with some fine art-theoretic observances (like, “it looks like a whole lot of arseholes to me…”!!) right up to the winning pronouncement. It was a lot of fun.


The most we could get out of Megsie was “I’m looking forward to next year.”

Meanwhile, the big news of the night was Ginger’s – she got into Gold&Silver!!  How fabulous; we’re all very proud.

(above) Rach, Ging, Eryca & Ulan.

For a few more snaps go here.

6 thoughts on “Last hurrah at Bega…

  1. Hey Megs
    That’s great news about Ginger – pass on my congrats xxx
    Are you coming to Melbourne for Christmas? I had dinner with some friends in Mondo last night and thought of you and your Mum – hope we can catch up soon
    X Blanche

  2. Thanks darls, on Ging’s behalf!!
    Hey Blanchie – I was going to come down next weekend (for Nonna’s 99th) but ended up drawing dog duty. Will do a dash through the following weekend – a Melb/Adelaide round trip to see Ian/Deb/Nick/Tom for Tour de Force. But don’t think I’ll manage to scrounge any down time – it’s gunna be a whirling work dervish. n(Ed)

  3. I was at the opening of the Out of the Box111 show and was somewhat dismayed by the lack of professionalism on behalf of the judge. He admitted to having been roped in at the last minute, and no reference was made to his qualification to actually judge 3D artworks. He clearly lacked the language and experience to even be able to talk about the works, some of which were highly professional, and some of his comments were dismissive (eg describing a piece as looking like a “lot of arseholes”).
    Referring to the contributing artists as “locals” (in an earlier comment), is fairly patronising don’t you think?
    The region is home to a lot of well known and well respected artists, and a little bit of respect wouldn’t go astray.

  4. This is a show, frankly, that oughtn’t be taken too seriously Rita. And it is a local show – that’s the overriding criteria of entry into the competition. And having a judge who was ‘out of the box’ was an entirely deliberate choice. n(Ed)

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