A Canberra glass moment…

The Gang motored across to Tanja yesterday evening for a coastal quickie; a catch up with Sophie and Tom at the opening of their exhibition at Narek Galleries. We couldn’t hang around for long, unfortunately – we’d spent the day doing our bit (sitting the BVRG) for the Bega Festival and so it was really just a circuitous route back to the hide-out. (It was one of those rare Saturday nights home alone with Pa – Ginger was up in the ‘Berra for her interview for Gold&Silver…!)

Anyhoo, it was lovely seeing Jono, Soph and Jet…



…and Tom, Alex and Oliver – except we somehow managed to completely miss taking any photographs of the latter, and only seem to have one of Tom and Karen…


Bummer dudes. Never mind – it was a treat, however brief. Almost like old times.

The exhibition, Off the Loom and Out of the Furnace, is a really nice mix of delicate work – Belinda Ramson/tapestry and Tom Rowney and Sophia Emmett/glass. Officially opened by Sue Walker, founding Director of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, the focus on the night was firmly on Belinda – nonetheless Soph’s joolz were a great hit (though the snaps hardly do ’em justice)…



…and Tom’s goblets are seriously specko, as one would expect  – although we’re not sure that the local crowd fully appreciated the degree of skill and finesse. It didn’t help that the work was lined up like the annual school glass sale (but perhaps it only looked like that to us because we’re glassies.)


Anyhoo, all the beautiful peeps from Tanja were there – for more happy snaps go here.

Show’s up until the 4th January 2010.

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