Backing off…

Hey all, we’re reconsidering the amount of time (editing/uploading snaps and snaffling on about ‘what’s it all about Alfie?’) lost in blog-biz and we’ve decided to pull it right back. We’ve got too many competing commitments – and that most precious commodity, life/home/hearth, is taking a dive. So we’re gunna claw back our R&R and post way less frequently. More specifically, we’re not going to cover the scene so broadly, we’re just going to drop in stuff of entirely subjective orientation. Be prepared for sporadic scat.

8 thoughts on “Backing off…

  1. Hey Megs
    Don’t think your blogging efforts go unappreciated – you’ve done a terriffic job, and I always really enjoy seeing what has caught your fancy! Hopefully you will have your tips for the cup listed for Tuesday, before you start to wind things back.
    Love your work xxx Blanche

  2. Hey Blanchie, thanks for the support. We won’t be winding up, just back. I’ll still be dropping in things that catch my fancy – but only things that catch my fancy, ie ‘sector’ news that’s interesting, foreign correspondence, Poo-biz, etcetera…just nowhere near as often. Having said that we’ve already put in two today!! Look at that gorgeous pool and weep, darl. You wouldn’t believe how soft the water is – and 24 degrees (solar heated). Heaven.
    The blog’ll go back to being more glass’n’goss’n’Gang’s eye view orientated, not such a general e-zine. And we’re off to the track at Kalaru on Tuesday, so there’ll no doubt be Melbourne Cup in all it’s technicolour-yawnery. We’re wading through the tips as we speak…

    Your words and pictures are my past-life life-line to all thats north of my victorian state. I agree with Blanche , please dont think we dont appreciate all that you do to entertain your devotess. I consider you to be my richard wilkins my kerri-anne kennerly my bert newton of all thats hot and not right now. When i walk down the garden path to check my mailbox my heart rtuly does skip a beat when i see your letter in my in-box.

    ..i will miss you regularity…but will be waiting all the same

    yours addicted to your glossip

    Miss Bella

  4. Blanche and Bella totally sum it up, but to ensure we have a full “B” trifecta I thought I should add my own thanks for all you’ve done with glass central. Totally understand the pull back and the life, love, health thingy all of which will only serve to make the Glasscentral Sessions sweeter and more piognant aking to an extra dollop of gin in the tonic, or that lethal and last sip of Raspberry Wine. As Bella says you have taken your place amongst the Australian greats and your posts will always be opened with eagerness for that special glasscentral gloss.

  5. Ta, Babsie – what a lovely flurry of verbal ‘hugs’. We’re truly touched.
    Never fear, we’re not out for the count exactly – there’s plenty of bite in the old croc yet. n(Ed)

  6. Don’t worry darling, there’s strike power in nanna’s bat-wings yet. Like a tiger…
    BTW, you’ve been getting a shitload of hits lately, wotcha been up to?

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