Jumped onto Rexy on Sunday for a meeting in Brisvegas, and nodded off (as you do) until timely awakened for our favourite view…


Warms the cockles of yer heart, don’t it!! Anyhoo, the trip was straight up and back, no fun/just meetings – but did manage to catch Nick Mount’s show at Artisan, which we’ll bring as soon as we have time to process the snaps (it’s install week at BVRG, so we’ve since been truckin’ up to Canberra picking up artwork, painting plinths, bossing Pa around, yadda yadda…)

Here’s something to go on with, though – pizza delivery Brisvegas-style…



2 thoughts on “Snoozin’…

  1. stronzo, miss you! what a beauty of a snap over sydney! Im finally back on deck in the can after what seems like an eternity away (seattle/sydney) so next time youre up in canbs bossing pa ’round let me know. otherwise ill have to pull my finger out and get down to wyndam for a fallabout xx

  2. Promises, promises Stronz. What a jetstar you are – but where are the pictorials my slack little dumpling? See ya soon, eh, for some beach time. lotsa love n(Ed)

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