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18 10 2009

Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts, A volume of air/The palm of a hand, 1990.

He really got it, eh.

Park his website in your favourites and visit at leisure – it’s akin to a consice anthology of poetry (Neil being the thinking craft perp’s TS Eliot.)



4 responses

26 10 2009
Owen Johnson

Hey Ed. Thanks for putting this up, Neil Roberts work is a massive influence for me, my work and almost all of my mates back in camberra. This is one of my favorate examples of his work!

27 10 2009

Good on ya darling. And we’ve flushed you out again, eh!! Wotcha up to? n(Ed)

28 10 2009
Owen Johnson

Hey Ed… Just hanging out in London town and try to make art. Send me an email with the address you have for me (as I have lost yours) and I’ll send you back a postcard from London with some pics of me and of some of my work.

28 10 2009

Will do. Meanwhile we applaud your committment, darl – how’s the climate in the London art scene? n(Ed)

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