7 thoughts on “The ‘covet to the max’ file…

  1. Hey yeah, have finally dropped the designer’s name into the post – local bloke. I had scribbled it on a piece of paper (following a shouted conversation over the fence last Tuesday!!) but couldn’t find it when I first posted the image.
    I’ve been lusting after this little beauty for some time now – it’s been up for at least a coupla years now maybe, we drive past it in summer on the way to Minnie’s camp/Ginger’s annual summer horse-o-rama with Mick – but just haven’t stopped before now to take a snap. Designed and engineered locally. Too, too, too gorgeous for words. I’d order one immediately, but we’d need to win the lotto.
    Hey Babsie, I can see a baby-bel in Ainslie!!
    Hey Nige, funnily enough we (Rach & moi) had just been looking at Marr’s that very morning. A glorious ‘circus tent’.

  2. Well a very baby-bel now as there is not much space left in the yard, but in the meantime and talking about garden wonders, Jane’s love and glory was trimmed by her veryself this weekend and was looking the Acest Sharpest Wavy Hedge in town!!

  3. Can you ask Santa to pop an extra one on the sleigh for moi too, please?
    I can’t hold the possums and wallabies off much longer. They’re massing at the gates…

  4. I’ll put you on his list, Katie-pie. I’m going to have to sort out some kind of (smaller/affordable) version of same as a pond-cover/duck enclosure for my beloved new pair of Mandarins. I’ll need to protect them from hawks…and, er, Lola.
    Meanwhile I have a mate in Melbourne whose beautiful, long time established garden has been entirely wiped out by possums. High density building has cut the greenery and backyard scenario to such an extent that any extant garden is now just a feedlot for desperately hungry wildlife. Terrible really (for the critters as much as the peeps.) n(Ed)

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