Adders: Part II…

Here’s a sneak peek at the raison d’être for the Gang’s visit to Adelaide


We were casting the old (cross)eye over progress on Tour de Force – which, btw, we’re pleased to report is steady at the helm/all ahead full (ding! ding!)

Mind you, given that everybody is making new work, this project is running on a classic diet of edgy dynamism. Nothing like an arcing wire of creative tension to keep the faith alive, eh! We LOVE  the frazzle of it, darlings. Pure gold.

First port of call was Nic’s. No snaps this round, just a philosophical scrum and plenty of sighs of serious contentment from Megsie apropos the ongoing conceptual development of his piece (how’s that for a tease!!)…

Next stop the Pony, where Tom has pretty much got everything nailed down to a floor plan already. The lights are on…



…and Tom is definitely home.



And then we were off to Gate 8…



with one da Vinci cherub… 



…and la dita celestiale



A cryptic hint at things to come, perhaps?

More teasers here.

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