Adders, Part I…

The Gang had a lovely time in Adelaide, though it was all about work(!) of course. We did the requisite round of studio visits to Nic, the Debster and Tom (pre-production for the Tour de Force exhibition) and managed plenty of delicious cultural side-serves in between.

We’ll start with the Jam, ‘cos it’s always the first port of call from the hairyport…


Jonesey at the Jam

…on account of that’s where Deb is usually hanging. This time there was double-trouble with Tom…



…assisted by Kumiko…




We left ’em to it and wandered into the Gallery to check out the current show. All sorts of goodies, including a set of rather amusing un-derps…


Irmina van Niele, La Folie(above) Irmina van Niele, La Folie, knitted plastic bags.

Thereafter it was a lovely continual catch-up session with the Adders mob…














And, out of the blue (again!!)…



                                    …we ran into Brenda at the Worldsend.

More snaps here.

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