RAW: art in the garage…

We’re going to be away for a few days so thought we’d leave you with something fabbo to visit – The Bega Valley Regional Gallery’s latest show RAW: art in the garage – serious creative flair from the Tulgeen Group’s artists with disabilities in the Bega Valley Shire.


Mr Wise's Trottery

(above) Jeffery Young, Mr Wise’s Trottery, acrylic on canvas

The exhibition opened last Friday and was launched by none other that Nigel [Lendon, Associate Head (Post Graduate) of the ANU School of Art.]


Nigel's speech

And what a pearler of a night it was – a huge crowd, a blizzard of red dots and a veritable scrum of happy artists.  Fair enough, too – the show is nothing short of wonderful.


Pauline-with-her-work(above) Pauline Prendergast with some of her work.

There was so much joy in the room you could bottle it.



Michael O’Dea, Michael Jackson, acrylic on canvas


Raw-8Natasha Miles, Camping series

We love it, big time (except that Peter Fay swooped in and snaffled up our fave works!!)

For more info about the Art In The Garage Project go here, and for more snaps of the opening night, go here.

6 thoughts on “RAW: art in the garage…

  1. Yeah, great show – truly amazing some of it.
    Serge was very sweet and gave me a squizz on a Monday!! Sorry I wasn’t around on regular opening days. n(Ed)

  2. ditto uselesslines. looks like the BVRG and CCAS have similar tastes ! nick and erik crossovers in the pipeline. dbx

  3. Maaaaate. Cutting edge, I tells ya!! We obviously live in a parallel universe – maybe we should go for sister gallery status!! n(Ed)

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