21 09 2009

The Gang and Rachel were in Melbs a week ago for a conference, which was strictly a work trip and incredibly exhausting (we were pathetically diligent – no skiving off to speak of whatsoever. Fair dinkum, darlings.) 

Anyhoo, we’re just going to post a swifty photo journal – no time for in depth explanation…



We stopped off at EGAG on the way down to say g’day and check out their artists’ book show…




Then Melbs was just work, work, work interspersed with lovely dinners; Young and Jacksons with Chloe…


Coda with Granny…




…and then Tjanabi in Fed Square for the official conference dinner, where we met lovely Sister Veronica Brady (from the University of WA  – we attended her panel session that morning)…


Megsie,-Sister-Veronica-and Graham from Eurobodalla


…and the incomparable Constantina Bush…


lovely-sheila,-Constantina-Patricia,-Constantina-&-that-lovely bloke from Charters Towers













Gotta love Constantina. We think we’ll book her for Bega.

Other highlights were the opening ceremony…




…the grafitti walk…




…and the Racing Museum…




…a timely reminder that our fave event of the year, the Melbourne Cup, is coming our way.



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