The Rach and Megsie show…

The Gang hit Sydders last week for a round of studio visits with Rachel (for the BVRG’s March 2010 contemporary painting show, featuring the work of Sydney biggies Euan McLeod, Ann Thompson and Idris Murphy.) It was fast and furious, and way way interesting – and what a lovely group of peeps those painters are!! (We’re gunna have to come up with a suitable nickname for painters, eh?  Something along the lines of yer classic  muddies and fluffies, etcetera. All suggestions welcome. Daubies?…Turpsies?…)

First stop was Euan’s studio, which provided the additional excitement of a Campbell Robertson-Swann Neddie in the garden. The Gang was in heaven…







And then we were off to King Street Gallery to catch up with Idris, who’d very kindly taken time out from the frazzled lead up to his survey show, which was opening That Very Night at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre…




(above) Ann, Randi and Rach, (below) Idris with an aficionado




After lunch it was off to Ann’s studio, via Australian Galleries…






We were on a mission, selecting work for the upcoming show – which is going to be a total cracker.

And then, on the way home, we fortuitously passed just the place the Gang had been hanging out to clock – the Paddington Reservoir Park…








Now, how wunderbar is that!!

More snaps here.

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