Ranamok 2009: the winner…

Kiwi glassie Lisa Walsh took out this year’s Ranamok with her piece Across the Lines…

2009 winner

(detail below)




…which is kinda spooky because the Gang bought some depression pegs at the Rozelle market last Saturday which are the dead spit.

Lots of thanks to Luna for sending through the snaps – we figure she must know how much we enjoy the speeches at these things ‘cos most of the pics she’s sent are of…yep, you guessed it, the speeches!! Usually we sneak outside when they start, so this must be your idea of payback time, eh, Loons.

Don’t be too anxious folks – they’re not all of the speeches…



There’s the odd snap of our fave peeps (like Babs, Brenno & Soph), though not one of you and James, Luna…? Ah well.

Check out the scene here.

Late press: we’ve added the missing link – more snaps from Luna.

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