The Kerfoot Collection at Wagga Wagga…

One of our fave fellas, Michael Scarrone, has sent through the good oil on the latest treat at the National Art Glass Gallery…


The Kerfoot Collection at Wagga Wgga


The Kerfoot Collection exhibition is a result of conversations between Michael Scarrone, curator – glass, at the National Art Glass Gallery and Joyce Kerfoot and her family. This exhibition showcases a private collector’s passion for art glass. This extraordinary collection highlights Joyce Kerfoot’s perception and knowledge of Australian studio glass and the discerning way in which she has purchased works for her collection.




Joyce Kerfoot (born Sydney, 1917) has had a long association with Wagga Wagga and also with art, both of which have led to collecting works of art glass and the formation of the Kerfoot Collection.




In the late 1940s Joyce was one of the founding members of the Wagga Wagga Art Society and actively participated in their activities until 1958, when the Kerfoot family left Wagga to live in Melbourne. In 1977, her interest in glass began when she received a piece of blown glass from the Jam Factory in Adelaide.




Joyce visited Wagga often as her ‘home town’ and was delighted when the gallery focused on collecting Australian studio art glass. She attended many of its early glass exhibitions and purchased some small pieces, propelled by the excitement of the glass and enthusiasm of the glass artists.




Joyce was involved with the formation and development of the Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne, as a volunteer in the 1990s also contributed to Joyce’s appreciation of the art glass movement. Here was ready access to more glass exhibitions and interaction with the artists of the hot and cold glass workshops.




Joyce is still an active art glass collector to this day hence over 120 pieces have now been accumulated to form The Kerfoot Collection, many of which are now on display at the National Art Glass Gallery. It is a great honour that the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery has been donated part of the collection. Private collectors like Joyce Kerfoot enable public collections such as the National Art Glass Collection to grow and broaden the oeuvre of significant artists.




 (Snaps from the opening)

 The exhibition is up until 27th September. For more information go here.




Thanks, Mikey!!

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