Contemporary Primitive opens at Bega…



 Last Friday night was the launch of Contemporary Primitive at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, and what a wonderful show it is. Featuring the work of Michael Brogan, Janet Fieldhouse and Tevita Havea, the exhibition celebrates indigenous art practice that’s informed by both traditional custom and contemporary social narrative. We’ll bring you the show itself later in the week, but for now here’s a squizz at highlights of the opening.

Janet Fieldhouse was sadly unable to attend (teaching commitments) but Michael Brogan (Director of the Oorala Centre at the University of New England) and Tevita Havea (recently returned from New York where he received the UrbanGlass New Talent Award 2009) – both lovely blokes – graced the event to the great delight of the locals.



                                     (above) Sue with artist Michael Brogan



                                       Artist Tevita Havea with Klaus


In the local g(l)ossip stakes the biggest nooz was the return of:

(i) Klausie and Brigitte from Europe and the US of A (where Klaus had his fabulous show at the Museum of Art and Design in New York)




(ii) Rachel, whose been in Bali for the last month with the family…




…and Granny, who was visiting from Melbourne…


Megsie, Granny, Brigitte & Klaus


For more snaps of the night go here, though we’ve discovered a cunning plot perpetrated by naughty peeps who, aware of our policy of not posting unflattering photos, now deliberately pull dreadful faces so there’s no danger of being included!! 

[We may have to revisit the policy. We’ve put in that shocker of Megsie if only to illustrate the point. Look out!  n(Ed)]

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