Aussie blokes…

5 07 2009


Geoff from ChopperWorks (above) giving the speech, and Ralph with his pride’n joy (below)…



Nige has sent through some snaps of the opening of Custom Made at Craft ACT last Thursday and a link to iconophilia’s coverage of the show, Hogs@Craft.

Meanwhile lots of trés juicy quotes have been filtering through including a ripper from Geoff who, when asked about the source of Ralph’s inspiration for his Teal Blue Softail, offered up a classic…’Well, you know, if you put a lady face down on the bed…’




As charming a design principle as any, we guess. Who said romance was dead?



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5 07 2009
Hogs @ Craft | iconophilia

[…] the original idea of the show. For the audience the discussion provided insights into the world of fetish objects the likes of which you’ve never seen in an art gallery […]

5 07 2009

Some lady …

6 07 2009

Gives ya goosebumps…(!) n(Ed)

7 07 2009
Jas Hugonnet

I heard him say a lady lying down, not face down! needless to say it was classic comment at the opening!

13 07 2009

Yeah, well we laughed, Jas (a lot!)…but we’ve never been all that fussed about PC.


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