Letting the cat out of the bag…

This one’s for Netster…





It was, indeed, Tom. The Gang had a lovely visit to his studio (Blue Pony) – more of that in the next Studio File (coming soon).

Right up Megsie’s alley it was – and plenty of poo! Though of course Tom’s version is very elegant and venetian…




Heh, heh. So between Netty and La Gropp the game’s up; Karen (who made it for Megsie at the ‘Chuck, as a demo of Italian technique) and Tom. You’ll both have to share the plonk between you (preferably down at Wyndham!!)

2 thoughts on “Letting the cat out of the bag…

  1. so when are we going?? hey groppy id love to catch you sometime in the beyan!i dont think i have the right number i tried afew weeks ago. x
    we will see you soon megsie!

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