The week ahead…

Lots coming up, so thought you might want some warning…

Next weekend Caren’s running a workshop in Bega…





Not many places left – so anybody who fancies doing it might want to get cracking.

It’s also change-over week at the Regional Gallery – Megsie’ll be installing Space and Place…





…which Tony Sillavan is delivering as we speak…




And then the Gang’ll be jumping on a plane to Sydders on Friday afternoon where Megsie will be officially opening Charles Butcher and Mathew Heaney’s exhibition, After the Object, at 6pm at Sabbia Gallery.

 Sabbia [Hope she’s not met by a lynch mob, heh, heh!!  n(Ed)]

And then we have to belt back to the hide-out toot sweet, to get prepped in time for Cracker Night on Sunday – YIPPEE. (Our absolute fave night of the year, in case you didn’t already know!!)

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