Glass Central Canberra turns two…

…yes folks, the bloggo has now been up and running for two whole years! And to celebrate the terrible tooz we thought we’d give you a special treat in the guise of a little party game…




There’s a bottle of Rocky Hall red (shiraz) in it for the glass aficionado who manages to put a name to each of the makers of these objets d’art (pictured above) from the Gang’s own (very eclectic) collection.

Wild guesses accepted.

6 thoughts on “Glass Central Canberra turns two…

  1. hmmm, tough one… i remember the clear one but who…. big al? or kimberley?
    and the little fella Ive never seen before, its got a touch of tom moore with the moss…. but… i dunno youve got me there… im locking in ms bottari

  2. OK – although I may have insider information… I think the biggy is Karen Willenbrink and the junior is a…..mmmmmmm Lucio Babucco….no…Paul Stankard…..ha! no James possibly…although I think he would have made it bigger!!!

  3. Ooh, ooh, ooh, getting closer. We’ll have to reserve the answer, though, until someone gets both right….!!! n(Ed)

  4. geez… guess me and gropp are the only players here… you better tell us. i cant stand not knowing…. TJ? and james minson? actually… maybe it is toms? anyway. im on the edge of my seat.

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