Glass spotto…

Someone who may prefer to remain nameless just pointed us to yesterday’s offering on, with the sardonic aside “…and yes, it’s glaaaass!! – jeez let’s have a moratorium…”




On some levels, we’d have to agree. But, of course, technically they are impressively big, as in length (and yes it is all about size, obviously), so at the outset one would have to at least admire the skill/controlled mastery of the blowing. Which led us to do a little digging (aka net surfing), and we discovered that ‘…She collaborates with Neil Wilkin in the blowing of many of her pieces.’

Ah, so we’re back to that old chicken or the egg conundrum of who maketh it art? The gaffer or the person who hires him? After all, would we give a toss about it if it wasn’t big (and colourful and shiny)?

We surfed a little further to check out Neil Wilkin and found plenty of cute stuff  (though rather a lot of it was way Chihuly-esque.) Here’s a few things we did rather like though…



   Neil Wilkin, Umbrella Tree


   Neil Wilkin, Raspberry Chandelier


   Neil Wilkin, Glass Grass


   Neil Wilkin, Wisteria Chandelier

Have a poke around his website, here. And while you’re at it, check out his ABOUT page.



   Neil Wilkin, himself.

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