Wazza gets the tower – but no surprises there…

The tender for the ‘smokestack’ at the Canberra Glassworks has finally been announced, and the winner is…(drumroll)…Warren Langley!! Jon Stanhope could have saved all the money, time and hoo-hah by just giving it to Wazza in the first place, we reckon. He was always the shoe-in, let’s face it. And deservedly so. After all, from the Aussie contemporary/studio glass historic perspective alone, he is the most eminently appropriate/experienced in the genre.

Thanks Nige, for pointing us to the ACT Gubba-ment’s NewsWire…




As for the other short-listings, gawd save us from the artchitects, darlings!

And speaking of public art in the ACT, check out the Gateway debacle on ArtWranglers. Perhaps it’s time to start sharpening your quills, my friends…

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