Retrospective spice…

Darlings!! We’re becoming so crushed under the weight of the growing log jam of g(l)ossip posts from the last month or so that we’ve decided to chuck together a hearty social stew and serve it up in two quick portions – otherwise we’ll never get onto the studio files still requiring attention.




In Adelaide, even the chippies are lovable. We still have Nick and Tom’s studios to cover, but meanwhile we’ll clear the decks of the fun stuff. The Gang had a lovely time (again) hanging out at the Wheatsheaf. And of course went to the Port Market with Deb and Kez…

                                   deb-kez1 fish-stall1


…all that and more in the photo round-up (see end of post)…

And then there was the Melbourne trip, which was geared around catching up with Ian (for the Tour de Force show)…




…but with ample opportunity for lots more mingling besides, not the least with Granny…




The only gallery we ‘did’ was Diane Tanzer’s in Fitzroy, to catch Ian’s latest show. For the most part we just enjoyed ‘the art of life’ – ie. the art of the everyday – which, happily, is everywhere; on the street, in the cafés…

But the objet d’art eye-ball popper this trip goes to Big Sammy and Malva’s new holiday shack at Flinders. A piece of brutalist contemporary sculpture in its own right, this house is pure muscle; no frou-frou, no tizz. Just a fabulous construct of industrial concrete, steel, marble and wood, hunkered on the bluff of the cliff  in elemental rapport with its untamed, blustery environment. (And we’re talking incoming weather from Bass Straight – heavenly harsh.) Its all land, sea, and sky – no ‘civilizing’  landscape gardening whatsoever (thank god). Just cliffs and gales and gulls. And Mooks. We love it. Same for the interior; modern and minimalist and functional (and predominantly Italian, of course.) No art at all  – no need. Save for Malva’s sweet little ‘ode to Andy’ in the kitchen…






For the full round of snaps, go here.

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